At Island Cremations & Funeral Home, we have a wide selection of funeral products available. We are here to help you with your choices, whether you are in immediate need or are pre-planning.

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Casket selection

When choosing a casket, your first decision should be whether to have a wood or metal casket. From there, it is then a choice of the type of wood or metal. Caskets can be customized using additional adornments such as different handles, custom corners, and personalized panels, all of which provide a unique, fitting selection for your loved one.

We have provided a brief summary of the different options that are available to you:

Maple: Maple is a popular choice for hardwood caskets. It encompasses strength and beauty and is wear resistant with a grain that can either be straight or wavy and has a natural luster.

Pecan: A strong, heavy hardwood that is light in color, pecan caskets are popular among families desiring a fine hardwood casket, but who wish to moderate their expenses.

Eco-friendly: There are several options available for those who are environmentally conscious, while still combining beauty and strength. Please ask us for information on the options.

Metal caskets

Bronze: Beautiful finishes and solid construction delivers the very finest of metal caskets, encompassing superior quality, strength, and durability.

Copper: Naturally non-rusting, a copper casket has a rich beauty, with a selection of finishes available.

Stainless steel: A natural choice for those who desire the added protection of a metal casket but at a more moderate price. Stainless steel is a popular choice, with a selection of styles to choose from.

Carbon steel: Available in a wide choice of colors, finishes, and style, a carbon steel casket can have various thicknesses, enabling greater flexibility when choosing a casket.


An urn is a small container used for holding the cremated remains. Urns may be buried, placed in a mausoleum, or kept at home. There is a huge choice of styles, prices, and materials, including bronze, hardwood, marble, glass, acrylic, and much more.

Please feel free to ask for more information or advice on our selections.

Wood caskets

Mahogany: Mahogany has a reddish-brown hue and a closed grain, which lends itself to deep, rich colors and high luster finishes. A mahogany casket is an elegant choice when the very best wood casket is desired.

Walnut: A hardwood casket of walnut will be both elegant and dignified. Walnut has a striking grain color and pattern, together with a natural luster.

Oak: Known for its prominent grain, oak is a hardwood that depicts strength and durability. Oak is naturally a light to medium brown color, which can have a variety of stains and finishes added to it.

Pine: Pine is a durable wood that is characterized by a straight grain with a coloring of pale yellow to light brown. Due to being a “softer” wood, pine caskets can be stained and finished to achieve the desired effect. Pine makes an economical solid wood choice.

Cherry: Cherry is a beautiful hardwood with a warm, creamy reddish coloring. Caskets are available in a variety of styles.

Cremation containers

When choosing a cremation service, there is also a choice of caskets:

Traditional wood casket: Adds warmth and beauty to a viewing service.

Wood cremation casket: Specifically constructed to be used for cremation. These are usually less expensive than traditional wood but still crafted with the same quality and care.

Hardboard casket: Featuring the look of a hardwood casket but constructed to be lighter in weight and fully combustible.

Rental casket: Designed especially for reuse, they comprise an exterior shell with an internal container. For sanitary purposes, embalming is required. The internal container remains with the body at the crematory; it is only the shell of the casket that is reused.