Why should you pre-plan?

Pre-planning allows you to make sure that you get exactly what you want; you determine if you will be cremated or buried; you can pick the urn or the casket, you can determine if there will be a service and where it will be and who will administer it.

You make sure that your loved ones will not have to make arrangement decisions on the worst day of their lives; now they can grieve without being involved in the business of making your arrangements. Your prices are fixed; you will not have to worry about the cost for your arrangements because you have already taken care of that concern.

Flexible payment plans are available to meet your needs. You can make payments for your arrangements; you can make sure that there are not any financial concerns for your arrangements when the time has come. With a Pre-Need insurance policy you can make payments over one year, 3 years or 5 years and make sure that your arrangements are paid for when the time comes.


• Earned growth in the plan adds to the final benefit, with excess refunded to your beneficiaries, where applicable

• Transferable plan if you move out of the area

• First day coverage

• Preserves the option to obtain government assistance in the future, by making the plan irrevocable

• Provides you with risk protection during the payment period; plan is insured through a national insurance company

• Includes accidental death benefit for guaranteed issue, multi-year contracts

• Protection for your grandchildren ($2,500 benefit) available for a nominal fee at the time of application

One of the best gifts you can give your loved ones is the gift of Pre-Arrangement; you give yourself and your family the peace of mind in knowing that all of the decisions and concerns have already been taken care of.

When should you make pre-plan arrangements?

The best time is right now; the fact that you are thinking about it makes pre-planning your arrangements the right thing to do right now. Many people naturally think that they are too young and it is too early for them to consider pre-planning their arrangements - “I’ve got plenty of time, I’ll worry about that later.” Making your arrangements in advance makes sense financially; you avoid the higher costs due to inflation - you are locked in at today’s prices.

Planning now gives you the time to gather all of the pertinent information; often times things like maiden names, military status, necessary contact information, email addresses, occupations, etc. is not the information that someone, other than you, will have when they need it. Making your arrangements now will relieve the stress from your family and loved ones during the time that they should be grieving.

“Don’t overpay on your
most difficult day”

Contact us at Island Cremations & Funeral Home and we will help you take care of pre-arranging your cremation or burial; everything can be arranged in just a few minutes and then you have the rest of your life knowing that you have everything taken care of.

To better serve you, Island Cremations has placed a questionnaire form on our site for your convenience; This will give you the opportunity to gather the information needed at your leisure.

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